Travel on a Budget: 5 Genius Ways to Travel When You’re Broke

Travel can be very expensive, and money is indeed a big factor when it comes to traveling. People can either travel on a budget or go overboard with expenses and end up paying a very pricey trip. Anything can truly be done, however, it is not a secret that traveling can become very expensive.

Not having enough money shouldn’t be an excuse for people not to be able to travel. Everything is possible when it is well planned and organized, especially when it is done under a budget. There are numerous ways on how people can travel whenever they are broke. There is no excuse why money should be a limitation of what you can or can’t do. Therefore, if you think of clever ways that can help you plan a trip, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. 

1. Choose Airbnb Instead of Hotels

An Airbnb can be a very suitable choice when traveling on a budget. Sometimes this application allows you to book an entire apartment, or even just rent out a room. The options are endless, but this is definitely a less expensive alternative when it comes to your accommodations. 

2. Travel During Low Season

This is one of the best tips so far, in order to save yourself a lot of money when traveling. People always want to travel during summer or on holidays, and therefore these dates become more expensive for people to travel. However, if you travel during the low season, chances are you can get great deals given that no people are traveling during these times. 

3. Travel According to What Is Cheapest

This is often fun, and a new way to explore places you didn’t know before. For instance, instead of having a place in mind, search flights online from your location to “wherever” the options are usually listed from cheap to the most expensive ones and therefore this can be a way for you to decide where to go.

4. Work Abroad

This is usually a great choice when it comes to traveling. Start off somewhere and work in that place. Every job is a new opportunity and a new source of income. For instance if you are a photographer, spread the world and charge people everywhere you go for photoshoots, this might make the entire trip better as you will have some extra money wherever you go.

5. Pack Light

There is nothing more expensive than traveling with a lot of baggage, not only are airport fees but also the flight itself is more expensive when you include luggage in it. You could truly save yourself a lot of trouble by packing light. You could jump in any flight at any given time and have it cost a fraction of the price of what you would pay with luggage.