Top 6 Fairytale Towns in Europe

If you are planning where to go on your next trip and you definitely enjoy a beautiful scenery, then you should definitely wander off around Europe in order to find some of the best fairytale towns here. If you are looking for a picture-perfect and very picturesque location, then here is a list of the most magical towns in Europe that you should visit next.

1. Colmar, France

Located in Alsace,France, this place is colorful and beautiful to simply look at. The houses are small and well preserved, while the stone streets make a beautiful place to walk around. In addition, there is a small canal that passes through the entire city, which makes it even more beautiful to look at. You can see the entire town’s reflection on the canal, just like in any picturesque fairytale image. 

2. Gruyères, Switzerland

Gruyères is a quiet and peaceful place. Located near the Swiss Alps, this place is charming and beautiful. There is an enormous castle in the middle of the town that back dates all the way to the 12th century, which makes this place look even more like a fairytale.

3. Hallstatt, Austria

This is definitely a place that you should keep in your travel list. This place is located near Salzburg, Austria, and it can be reached only through train. This small town consists only of 860 residents and for that reason it is why the town has maintained itself small and idyllic. In addition, the scenery is simply breathtaking, with the mountains surrounding the entire place and a crystal-clear lake in front of the town.

4. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The beautiful town is iconic because of its Stari Most Bridge, located over the blue waters and right in the middle of the town. This place is colorful and dreamy, it has beautiful mountains that surround it, as well as little picturesque houses in the entire place.

5. Bled, Slovenia

Lake Blend is simply gorgeous. You will feel like you just stepped into a storybook whenever you are visiting this place. The entire town is surrounded by nature and therefore all outdoor activities are great in this place.

6. Giethoorn, The Netherlands

This village is so ancient that it still doesn’t have any roads around the town. This Dutch village also holds a small population of only 2,620 residents. The only way you could get to this town is through a boat, given that no roads have been made to give cars access. In addition, this town is worth visiting because of its colorful nature that surrounds the entire village, as well as all of its beautiful bridges that you could see everywhere you go.