Royal Holiday Vacation Club Keeping Travelers Safe During COVID-19

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Royal Holiday Vacation Club has focused significantly on making traveling safe during COVID-19. Ever since lockdowns started to spread all around the world, the company has put together a number of safeguards to help travelers continue to explore when they are ready. With traveling being more difficult than ever for the vast majority of people, most customers are looking for the safest way to travel.

Increased quality care

Royal Holiday, which has been around since 1983, has always been committed to keeping customers safe throughout the world. As travelers look to go to places they have never experienced before, they leave it up to a professional traveling club to help make big decisions. With hundreds of thousands of members, travelers have the opportunity to explore more than 50 countries at an affordable rate.

Many members became unsure of expectations once COVID-19 started to shut the world down. No one quite knew what to expect, and even the company was facing times they had never experienced before. Royal Holiday continues to stay connected with all of its members, providing frequent updates to ensure that no one feels left in the dark.

Safe Guest Program

The biggest announcement during COVID-19 for travelers was the introduction of the new Safe Guest Program. The goal was to put customer safety at the highest level possible, and the Safe Guest Program is one many can count on.

With this program, every single guest with Royal Holiday Vacation Club will have the opportunity to get tested at a reduced rate. This allows people to save money and time, and as long as there are certain rules and regulations in place, it will be a requirement.

Guests who test positive also can get special support and even extend their stay during quarantine as they try to sift through everything. It is not an ideal situation for anyone, but it is as simple as can be with special rates as a Royal Holiday Vacation Club member.

Additional benefits

Whether it is contactless technology, opportunities to talk with experts in the ever-changing travel industry, and so much more, Royal Holiday Vacation Club is doing whatever to make this the best situation possible. People are more hesitant than ever to travel, and there are reasons to be extra cautious.

Even as some restrictions start to lift, there are plenty of travelers still worried that precautions are taken to return to some level of normal. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they are going to a new country, and they are at risk of getting sick. A lot of these protocols can help fight less threatening illnesses than COVID-19 in the future.

About Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Royal Holiday Vacation Club is an opportunity for people to earn points while vacationing all around the world. With over 180 properties and 50 countries to choose from, members have a chance to explore some of the most discussed areas in the world at affordable rates while earning discounts, special offers, and more.