7 Hidden Gems In London

London is one extraordinary and remarkable city. Given its huge size, it is natural that this place would have some hidden gems in it. Places that are considered spectacular, and not all known openly by the public. It is actually even better when a place is hidden or a secret, as you avoid the crowds and the typical touristy destinations. Not that these hidden gems aren’t touristy spots, but they are less frequented by the crowds which makes these places more unique and special.

1. Covent Garden Market

This isn’t just another regular market. Covent Garden is filled with trendy restaurants, and beautiful shops nearby. This is a great place to visit while you are in London, as well as one of the most popular hidden gems of the city. It isn’t exactly a typical tourist spot, but it is quite popular because of the amazing ambiance you will find in this place.

2. Camden Market

Definitely, this city is filled with markets and great food places that are worth a try. Camden Market is another famous but hidden gem of the city. It has over 1000 different stalls in it, where people can find everything from fashion accessories, food, galleries, arts and crafts, among other things.

3. Royal Observatory Greenwich

Truly a beautiful spot in London, the Royal Observatory is not just a regular park, it is famous because the meridian line passes through it. Therefore, it is not a regular touristic spot; it is actually famous because of its location.

4. Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park

This is unlike anything that you have seen before. The Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park will make you feel like you have just taken a trip to Japan. This spot is truly a hidden gem as the ambiance is quite peaceful and tranquil, and there aren’t a lot of people that you are going to run into here. The place is amazing to relax and to simply enjoy the view.

5. Neal’s Yard

Quite near to Cover Garden, this place is truly hidden and if you don’t pay close attention to it, you could miss it. This place has become quite popular because of its colorful design, making it an ideal place for pictures. It is a very picturesque corner worth visiting.

6. St Dunstan in the East

This place feels like a forgotten church, beautifully created but now it is covered with moss and a lot of plants. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful and quiet place to visit. Given that it is not a tourist destination, you could easily visit this place and grab a quiet lunch in here without being disturbed. The church is still beautifully preserved and even with moss surrounding it, it makes it look like a part of a fairytale.

7. Sky Garden

While this place is merely a restaurant, and often a sightseeing spot, the place is filled with people who want to dine and eat here instead of regular tourists. For that reason, this place makes it a spectacular location to visit, not only because the food is great here, but also because it overviews all of London.