Korean Beef

You might have wondered, what is all the fuzz when it comes to Korean Beef? If you love meat then a classic Korean BBQ might be the right food choice for you. There is nothing ordinary about Korean Beef, it actually holds a lot of flavors when prepared correctly. Eating it is a delight as it contains a balance of flavors and textures that people usually enjoy.

Usually Korean Beef is also referred to as Bulgogi, pronounced “Buul-goh-gee”. What this name refers to is the meat in the dish while also adding a spicy or fiery flavor to it. The Bulgogi dish has been a part of Korean tradition for years now and before it was even considered to be an expensive dish, however, now people can enjoy it just like they would enjoy a piece of beef.

Is Bulgogi Just Beef?

Is Bulgogi Just Beef? This means that it is prepared with soy sauce, Korean pear juice, and even a sweet and savory sauce, often accompanied by some spicy ingredients. This is exactly what makes the entire dish quite flavorful, and the main reason why people love it so much. The meat isn’t just merely marinated, it is actually left overnight soaking in these flavors, and therefore the meat becomes more juicy and savory.

How Do People Eat Bulgogi?

Bulgogi can be incorporated in anything, literally anything. After all it is meat and people like to add it to their spring rolls, pizzas, rice bowls, among other things. Some people even prepare chicken, in the same Korean beef’s style in order to get that same flavor and juiciness from the combined ingredients.

In order to try out this amazing dish, make sure you check your nearest Korean joint and see for yourself how savory this dish is.