Best things to do in Brisbane


Brisbane is strategically located in the heart of Queensland and acts as a gateway to many local attractions and surrounding areas. Brisbane, known as Las Vegas, Australia, has many attractions for tourists and locals alike. It is a city with a thriving art scene, with galleries, concert halls, museums, theaters, and more than a dozen theaters. Accommodation in Brisbane varies widely, and you can choose from an apartment, hotel, or resort. Here are the Best things to do in Brisbane.

South bank

South Bank is well-known for its entertainment as Brisbane has excellent nightlife and breweries worldwide, such as the Carlton Brewhouse and Milton Road. If nightclubs are not what you are looking for, you can enjoy a concert or stage show at the Performing Arts Complex or a ballet at the Brisbane Art Theater. The Queensland Center for the Performing Arts has four venues where you can watch drama, ballet, opera, or music. If you love contemporary art, you can find it at the Brisbane Powerhouse Art Center. It’s hard to imagine Brisbane without the South Bank. You can enjoy the sandy beach on the south bank (beach streets), picnic areas with lawns, shops, and many other restaurants across the river to the commercial district. This is in South Bank, which is where you will find Queensland arts and theater. Local attractions include the Queensland Art Gallery and Modern Art Gallery. The Queensland Science Museum is popular with children.

Story Bridge

Brisbane Bridge is named after John Douglas. The city connects the suburbs of Kangaroo Point and Fort Thoth Valley. Enjoy a picnic or barbecue at Captain Burke Park below the bridge, or enjoy a snack at the fantastic Story Bridge Hotel. If you want adventure, you can climb over the bridge in two and a half hours. This is the most incredible way to see Brisbane, and it is available day and night. For the adventurous, climb the top of the Brisbane Story Bridge for two and a half hours. Here you can enjoy unobstructed 360-degree views of Brisbane, the river, and the surrounding mountains.


The City Hall is usually one of the first stops in town. Here you can enjoy a great view of the city and learn about the area’s history. Take advantage of a historic walk or drive to the old windmill, Anzac Square, the Old Government Building, and the Maritime Museum. You should check out places like the Queensland Museum of Science and Science and the Gallery of Modern Art. The museum is known as the largest museum of modern art in all of Australia.

Theater and art

Brisbane has great places for art lovers to visit. Whether it’s the visual or performing arts, you’ll want to know what’s in the best galleries and venues in Brisbane. The Queensland Gallery of Art, Gallery of Modern Art, is one of the largest and best art galleries in Australia and one of the most visited cities. The Powers, Brisbane Museum, Science Center, and Brisbane Performing Arts Center are also placed. You might want to check online before visiting for events/exhibitions taking place during your stay in Brisbane.

Brisbane River

The Brisbane River flows through the city center like an inflatable snake and is only 50 minutes away from the famous Australian Zoo. The city has many bridges, the most famous of which is the Story Bridge, which is reminiscent of the more miniature Sydney Harbor Bridge and takes you to Kangaroo Point. There is no shortage of luxury apartments overlooking the city. Another bridge crosses the city over downtown Queens Street, past the famous Treasury Casino and beyond to Southbank Parklands, a city park designed for the 1988 World’s Fair. Away from the multicultural West End, there is one theater, art galleries, and Southbank museums.

Shopping center.

Your trip to Brisbane will not end until you visit the various shopping areas. Garden City Mall is a lovely local mall with free parking, while in Stones Corner next to DFO (near the airport), there are plenty of stores with lots of offers. Brisbane is also home to the Queen Street, Mayer, and Winter Garden Markets, which are home to the country’s largest department stores.

Natural Animal Sanctuary

Alma Park Zoo is a refuge for local animals and has been a permanent habitat for animals from all over the world since it was registered in 1973. This hotel is located just 30 minutes from Brisbane city center, just off the Bruce Highway, and you can enjoy the sun at the beach. The terrain of Alma Park Zoo has been wholly rebuilt and developed to reproduce a tropical environment. It has won numerous awards. The palm groves are ideal for exotic domestic and international animals to nest in these neighborhoods while providing them with shelter and endless opportunities for fun interactions. Offer for visitors young and old.

City Botanical Garden:

These gardens are the oldest in the city and were initially planted with food in 1825 to feed the prison colony. These include ancient trees, rainforest edges, and exotic species. Parliament borders the entire length of Alice Street on one side and the Brisbane River on the other. There are many guided tours, children’s play café bars, and a great green area for visitors and locals.

Mt Coth-the Summit

Head up to the summit of Mount Coot-tha (7 kilometers west of the CBD) to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the entire city of Brisbane and the surrounding area. You can see the remote cliffs to the southwest and Morton Bay to the east on a clear day. Here you can have a latte at the cafe, relax with ice cream or enjoy the famous Summit Restaurant on the top of the mountain. Come here at night, and you’ll see the city lit up by lights (very romantic indeed!).


As you can see above, Brisbane is a vibrant Australian city with stunning monuments, beautiful gardens, and an outstanding arts and culture center. You can get an insight into the art scene here by visiting some well-known art galleries, museums, and performing arts centers. In addition to that, this place serves excellent food that some great restaurants here offer. If you want a relaxing and rich tour, you can grab a ticket at Cathay Pacific website and visit Brisbane, Australia.