Your Essential Pre-Flight Travel Checklist

No one said that going on a trip was a piece of cake, and therefore you always need to be prepared before traveling in order to avoid any inconveniences. Organized traveling is by far the best thing that you can do in order to ensure a pleasant trip without forgetting anything. Often, having a pre-flight travel checklist will do the trick in order to make sure you are all set for traveling and you might not miss out on anything important.

Therefore, here is what should be on your essential pre-flight travel checklist.

1. Passport

One of the most important things you definitely can’t miss packing is your passport. You simply can’t go on a trip without and forgetting it might result in a missed flight or a bigger problem. Make sure this is the first item that you pack in order to keep control of where you stored it. Also make sure the expiration date is good to go, as you don’t want your passport not working before you go on a trip.

2. Medicine and Prescriptions

If you are taking any special medications, make sure you pack them and bring them along with you. Also, make sure you bring your prescription in case you were to need a refill, or simply if the border control where to need proof of why you are taking the medicine, bringing the prescription with you could save you a lot of trouble.

3. Money

Plan a budget and make sure you don’t forget your money. Put it somewhere important and pack it along with everything else. 

4.Let Your Bank Know You Will Be Making A Trip

Letting your bank know that you are leaving the country is important, especially if you are thinking of using your cards abroad. If your bank were to detect any unusual movements, they would be likely to believe that it was stolen and therefore they would cancel it in order to avoid any further problems. However, if you let them know you are leaving, you might avoid this issue beforehand. 

5. Travel Insurance

Some people are smart enough to get travel insurance before going on a trip. This could save you a lot of problems when traveling as you might be covered for emergencies or even on missed flights.

6. Double Check Plane Tickets

While you might have already bought your plane tickets, always double check the information in it. Departure date and time, airport of departure, and also how much baggage are you allowed to bring with you in order to avoid an additional baggage fee.

7. Double Check Bookings and Reservations

Even if you already have a confirmation email, make sure you made the right reservations in the right hotel, the right events, and museums. Double and triple check everything in order to avoid any mishaps.

8. Exchange Your Money

Depending on the place where you are going, make sure you exchange your money for the currency of the place where you are going. 

9. Clean Your House Before You Leave

You definitely don’t want to come back home after your trip to a messy place.