A Foodies Guide to New York

Visiting New York shouldn’t be all about seeing the empire state building or the Statue Of Liberty, there are hundreds to thousands or more activities to do in this metropolis. Starting out with the food, New York is a place known for having the best food spots across the globe. From casual to finance dining, there isn’t anything that you won’t be able to find in this enormous city. Some of the top travel experts continue on visiting NYC because of its delicious eating spots, and the secret must eat gems that are spotted across the entire city.

While the list is simply endless, here are some of the top spots to eat in NYC.

Murray’s Bagels

Definitely, a must-eat spot in NYC is in Murray’s Bagels. It is located in two spots over Manhattan and it is truly worshipped for having delicious and over the top bagels.

Russ and Daughters

One of the places that make the most delicious smoked fish. While some people haven’t really tried this dish, it is truly remarkable, and it is a place that has been running in the same family since 1914. Truly a classic to visit.


Pizza place in Manhattan, however, this is not an ordinary pizza, it is beyond anything that you’ve ever tasted. This place is extremely famous and without a doubt, you will have to make a line in order to get in, however, it is truly worth the wait. The quality and the test are simply going to blow your mind.

Superiority Burger

While burgers are always the crowd pleaser, you haven’t really tried this amazing veggie burger. The taste is truly superb, and it is worth every bite, therefore don’t even think of sharing this dish. 

Pies ‘n’ Thighs 

One of the most acclaimed places for having brunch, Pies ‘n’ Thighs is known for its delicious fried chicken. Truly nothing says brunch in New York like a delicious plate of fried chicken. This spot is located in Brooklyn, and you won’t believe how good the food is here.

Daily Provisions

You can’t leave New York without having stopped by to eat donuts at Daily Provisions. This place is near Union Square and the donuts here are something like you have never tried before. This place also serves the best sandwiches in town and trying one of these masterpieces could truly ruin all regular sandwiches for you, as there is nothing else like it.

Wu’s Wonton King

While this place is located on the Lower East Side, it is truly an amazing place to eat in Chinatown. All of their dishes are worth a try including their Peking Duck, Fried Dungeness Crab, or even its delicious Wonton Soup. The food here is simply spectacular and once you come to this place, you won’t want to leave.

These are only a couple and not even half of the best food places in New York City. You definitely need to make a plan whenever you are heading to the city, in order to start trying out the food in these places.